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Correct Technique: CTR-001 ft. Oxygen

I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas time with nice presents, good food and of course a little bit of time to digg for new and upcoming record releases.

Todays blogpost is not just a listing of a new and limited 7inch release by SPOX Phd - it's also an appreciation for all the amazing work of my mate Oxygen (Ox The Architect, Jonzhaft, Just Divine).

SPOX PhD is a collaboration of Oxygen and DJ Spinna. Their debut releases on Correct Technique is a very limited 7"inch featuring the tracks "Brilliance" and "Four Times Raw" ft. Diamond D, Sadat X and Kurious. The 7" is also a teaser for the forthcoming album "Sound Pieces of X-Perience" (expected for Feb. 2012). Anyway the 7" should find the way into your crates not at least because the original version of "Brilliance" is exclusive to this 45rpm. Oh - and with a little bit of luck you're able to catch one of only a hand-full of test pressings Ox made available for the fans.

A: Brilliance (Original Version)
A: Brilliance (Instrumental)
B: Four Times Raw (Album Version)


In 2007 I got my hands on a 12" EP of Sputnik Brown that got released on High Water Music. The 12" featured three tracks, produced by Howard Lloyd and E The 5th plus Oxygen aka Jonzhaft on the Mic.

A: U Havin' Fun Yet?
A: The Brownout
A: Unadulterated 
B: U Havin' Fun Yet? (Instrumental)
B: The Brownout (Instrumental)
B: Unadulterated (Instrumental)

In 2010 Oxygen released the 7inch "Gone Diggin". All details were posted on May, 22nd 2010. Additional to the vinyl release Oxygen shared about 25 copies of a 10-minute Scotch brand demo cassette tape. That rare promo cassette tape features the original unreleased demo version of the track "Gone Diggin" (with intro and outro), Howard Lloyd's "Throwbacks" (from the limited edition Quickie EP vinyl), and the unreleased Sputnik Brown track "Fluidity" featuring Wyld Bunch.

At the moment Oxygen offeres another 25 copies of a 30-minute Scotch brand demo cassette tape. That exclusive tape features a collection of original demo versions of songs from Long Island duo, Hype Sound Productions (MC Just Divine aka Oxygen & DJ Cut Wizard Albee). Plus early Jonzhaft The Psychopath demo tracks of original versions & unreleased material. Alternatively produced versions of "Idealism" and "Cum & Get It" appeared on independent 12" releases from the early 90's, and an edited vocal version of "Mastermind's In Effect" appeared on the B-side of the 45 "Gone Diggin" (released in 2010 on BBP/Big City Records).

All I can do is to recommend you a purchase of all those amazing releases. The easiest way is to purchase your favourite items at discogs. By purchasing from the seller "crateinvader" you'll receive this directly from the artist. Well and don't forget the upcoming Soundsci LP where Oxygen will be involved.

My special thanks goes out to Oxygen and the involved partners and record labels. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion only.

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