Montag, 3. Oktober 2011

Groogy Pack: GPE-002 ft. Doppelgangaz

Most of us know the situation. You are looking for some new store entries and what you find is a dope album but, it's a CD only release. If this happens I always ask myself, if this will get a vinyl treatment, do I need to invest in a CD release while I am a vinyl nerd or can I disclaim? I hate it and my last situation like that happend when Fat Beats released Bumpy Knuckles - Crazy Like A Foxxx (2CD).

The Doppelgangaz is a duo from NYC founded by Matter of Fact (MC) and EP (MC/Producer). In January 2011 Groogy Pack Entertainment released the album "Lone Sharks" on CD. With a special encouragement of the album is now available on 2LP with full picture cover. But it's no time to relax because the vinyl edition is limited to a number of 500 copies and it's moving fast. The album contains all 15 CD album tracks plus one Interlude.

A1: Happy Face
A2: Nexium
A3: Get Em
A4: Doppel Gospel
B1: Dumpster Diving
B2: The Gods
B3: Pack Kevorkian
B4: Wench Rench
C1: Rap $ Unemployment
C2: Like What Like Me
C3: Lush
D1: NY Bushmen
D2: At Night
D3: Interlude
D4: Dead Already
D5: Suppository


Former releases:
- The Ghastly Duo EP (2008)
- 2012: The New Beginning (2009) 

My special thanks goes out to The Doppelgangaz, Groogy Pack and HHV. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion only.

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