Mittwoch, 31. August 2011

Diggers With Gratitude: DWG-011 / DWG-012 ft. Emskee

New and upcoming release on Diggers With Gratitude. DWG-011 and DWG-012 will feature Emskee, an artist that is still independent but real dope. Beside a couple of nice radio features Emskee released a full-length album in 2009, sadly a CD-only. For the vinyl nerds out there an additional 12inch release was available too, both on Groon Trax Records. People may wonder but CD and 12 were released in Japan!

DWG-011 will feature a number of dope unreleased but regualr tracks while DWG-012 will feature some dope radio promos. An additional information ... some tracks were produced by Nick Wiz, some by The Saint ... now you know, you need to digg this!

DWG will announce Emskee - The Complex Engineer EP real soon so better be prepered. Check the snippet to get an idea of what you'll need to buy:

  DWG011: Emskee 'No Image' (snippet) by Diggers With Gratitude

My special thanks goes out the the DWG crew and Emskee. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion only.


  1. very last few bundles available ... my recommendation to the non-DWG-heads, every DWG release got a mad rare collectors edition and is hard to get for cheap nowadays ... think about that before you snooze ... haha


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