Freitag, 29. Juli 2011

Regiment Records: Soul Food Cafe ft. Jay Nice

Chicago, Illinois! We first introduced you to "Black Pegasus Music" that will bring us a couple of dope releases over the next few months. Despite of all the great snippets we heard it is important to follow the movement of another Chicago based record label. "REGIMENT RECORDS".

Regiment Records was founded by DJ, Producer and Engineer "Jay Nice". Back in 2004 "Jay Nice" recorded his first vinyl single "Butta bw. Mars". Take a listen!

In 2007 "Jay Nice" released the 12" single "Prelude To Soul Food Cafe" as a teaser for the upcoming CD album. The 12" features two very soulful and sample based hip-hop beats pimped with dope cuts and  lyrics by Chicago's MC's Iomos, Mr. Raghers, Cosmo Galactus, Adad, Thiaone.

A1: Think It Through
A2: Think It Through Instrumental
B1: Easier Said Than Done
B2: Easier Said Than Done Instrumental 

>>> Producer: Jay Nice

>>> Scratches: DJ 33 1/3 & DJ Ambideckstriks

In the same year Regiment Records presented "Kastaway". A very nice 7" featuring the songs "My Life bw. Not Equal". Now it's time to get your copy of the amazing CD album or one of those dope vinyl releases. Please follow Regiment Records and forward your interest to Jay Nice directly > contact <

My special thanks goes out to Ainsley Strong at Regiment Records and Marc Davis for connecting us. All copyrights reserved by the label, posted for promotion use only.

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