Montag, 4. Juli 2011

KingUnderground / We Stay True: WSTV-002 ft. Mr Brown

UK producer Mr Brown has been on the scene for a while now, working largely under the radar on various projects and collaborations with artists such as Planet Asia, MCM, C-Lone, Audit, Conflix & Logan to name but a few.

After the successful release of Mr Browns' debut instrumental EP 'Beats For Days' his next vinyl offering comes in the form of a limited edition (300 copies), hand numbered, clear red 7” and features lCopywrite! This song was originally recorded in 2008 and has yet to be released; until now!

The song is called 'We Don't Quit' and is pure boom bap hip hop through and through. Heavy hard hitting beat, tight scratches and Copywrite coming ripping it up on the sort of beat you rarely get to hear him on these days As an added bonus Mr Brown has thrown in 2 extra bonus beats that are exclusive to the 7” vinyl release.

Copywrite, a member of the MHZ (MegaHertz) crew emerged from the underground scene in 1998 along with his group "MHz" with a debut single on Fondle 'em Records called, ''World Premier''. After deciding to pursue his solo career, mainly due to DJ Mighty Mi not wanting to sign his group, "MHz", in 2000 he released "Holier Than Thou" with producer RJD2 on Eastern Conference/Rawkus Records. He then went on to release his full length LP, ''The High Exhaulted''. After many major collaborations with artists like J Dilla, Royce Da 59, RJD2, to name but a few, the US MC, from Columbus, Ohio has teamed up with the UK producer Mr Brown!

The 7" will be available soon, order details will be posted here.

My special thanks goes out to Dan @ KingUnderground, Mr Brown and Copyright. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion only.

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