Montag, 17. Januar 2011

Six2Six: 1995 Demos ft. Constant Deviants

Six 2 Six says: NEXT! and presents Constant Deviants 1995 Demos. The demo-LP contains 6 tracks and will be released on blue coloured vinyl. This amazin' wax is limited to 300 copies worldwide.

Pre-Order information now posted in the comment section below. Support that now!

A1: Cities Under Siege
A2: Who I Be (M.I.C.)
A3: Cities Under Siege (Instrumental)
B1: Speed Knots
B2: Speed Knots (Instrumental)
B3: Problem Child Remix (Instrumental)

My special thanks goes out to Six 2 Six and Constant Deviants. All copyrights reserved by the label and artist.

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  1. To PRE-ORDER now, send an e-mail to:

    In the subject please write: CONSTANT DEVIANTS '1995 DEMO Ltd Ed. 12"

    Provide the following information in your e-mail:
    1. Your PayPal e-mail
    2. Your full name (first and last)
    3. Your full shipping address, printed as it should read for the postal carrier in your region
    4. Quantity
    5. Shipping option (choose from below, either REGULAR or EXPRESS)

    - The 12" comes on blue clear vinyl, sealed in a custom full color jacket
    - Price is 17.00 USD plus shipping & handling fees.
    - Limited to only 300 copies


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