Freitag, 21. Januar 2011

GoodFelons: GF001 ft. Roc Marciano & Ox

"GoodFelons and Roc Marciano proudly presents the debut release on GoodFelons, Roc Marciano - The Prophecy EP. Roc first made waves in the underground scene when him and production and rhyming partner, Ox, dropped the now-classic Noose Vol#1 in 1997. Having been well received by the likes of Stretch & Bobbito and featured on countless mixtapes, this record has eluded many hip hop fans for years.

GoodFelons has stepped in and for our initial release, we've decided to go back and remaster the original Noose Vol #1, and add two new certified bangers from the same sessions. The previously unreleased and unheard Drama and Same Ol' Same are the two new tracks being added to this release, and we hope you find them to be as dope as we did when we first heard them. Its a shame it took 14 years to see these get pressed, but better late than never right? You will also find The Prophecy in all three original mixes, just like on the original, as well as Zo & Ox's Spinnin, all sounding fresher than ever thanks to some fantastic and much-needed remastering." [source: Goodfelons Records Blogspot]

A1: The Prophecy (Radio Edit)
A2: The Prophecy (Oxidation Mix)
A3: The Prophecy (DJ Cookies Mix)
B1: Drama (Unreleased)
B2: Zo & Ox "Spinnin
B3: Same Ol' Same (Unreleased)

My propz goes out to Jazz, Roc Marci, Spitler and GoodFelons Records. All rights reserved by the label.

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  1. GREAT! Got the original release but DRAMA is unbelievable dope!!!!


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