Montag, 8. November 2010

Threshold: Asphalt Poetry - Harmagedion EP

Asphalt Poetry (Coolie Bee & EJ) had their debut EP in 1993 with the awesame Harmagedion EP engineered by KutMasta Kurt. Asphalt Records pressed only 200 copies of that EP back then so the demand of that EP is still pretty high. If you don't believe me, check out the latest sales prices for over 500 $.

However KutMasta Kurt and his label Threshold Recordings have finally decided to make this record available for another limited number of fans. From what I've heard the re-release is again limited to 200 numbered copies and comes in a dope picture cover too with the same track list like the original press. Now you might ask yourself how to get your hands on this and I just have this link for all ya because it seems this is a Japan / Diskunion exclusive. Also check Threshold's Discogs Store.

A1: Harmagedion
A2: Instrumentally Retarded
B1: Lyrical Decay
B2: Freestyle Mind Frame

My special thanks goes out to KutMasta Kurt and Threshold Recordings. All copyrights by the label.

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  1. Email: to place your order directly. Supplies are very limited! Danke!


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