Freitag, 29. Oktober 2010

Six2Six: SIX-05 ft. Constant Deviants

01. Dead Man Walking
02. Life Portrayal
03. Writers Block
04. American Dream
05. Come Equipped
06. ABCD'S
07. Press Your Luck
08. Virtuosity
09. Competition Catch Speedknots Remix
10. Violence Interlud
11. Gimme Respect
12. See A Part Of Me
13. Jewelia
14. Fools Rush

Alright everybody it's about that time. Six 2 Six Records is prepering their next installment and it's nothin' less than a "Constant Deviants" album. As you maybe already heard the "Concrete Utopia" LP was recorded in 1995/1996.

Check out some SNIPPETS of the album and stay tuned. Orders will be taken on Monday 1st of November - SIX 2 SIX RECORDS

My special thanks goes out to SetRule and the Six 2 Six clique. All copyrights by Six 2 Six Records.

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