Donnerstag, 7. Oktober 2010

Dope Folks: DF-0003 ft. Ruthless Rod

To be honest I thought about buying an original copy of the Ruthless Rod & M.C. Dollar EP a few weeks ago. Not just because it's a rare groove, this EP is very dope. I first heard about the EP from my man Thirsty Dragon, PEACE BROH!!! To be honest again I am very excited about a forthcoming re-release of that EP on Dope Folks Records. So here it is, a 4 track EP in a full coloured picture cover (like the OG) limited to 300 un-numbered copies.

Before I update this post with the full tracklist here's just a short note from the label:
"We took off the rap ballad from the original and have a NEW UNRELEASED TRACK!!! Full coloured picture cover (but still at the standard Dope Folks Price of $20). Pre-Orders Can Be Placed Now - Right Here

My special thanks goes out to KidMillions and ChrisRapList. All copyrights by Dope Folks Records.

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