Montag, 6. September 2010

PH Music: PSPH-0703 ft. Alternate Reality

Cadence, member of the group "Raw Produce" released a couple of fantastic records over the last 10 years. Beside the very sought after "Refrigerator Poetry EP" he also had a collaboration 7" with my friends from Diggers With Gratitude to name only two of them. Please check the conception of Cadence's brand new project:

"Dumi RIGHT was introduced to audiences in the early 90's as a member of Zimbabwe Legit, the pioneering crew widely regarded as the first African hip hop group to gain international recognition. At the same time, Cadence was making a name for himself as an MC, DJ and producer; as one half of the highly respected indie hip hop duo Raw Produce, and then later as a solo artist. Their paths converged on a number of occasions over the course of the last decade, with collaborations on various projects that most notably include: Zimbabwe Legit - House of Stone, Cadence - Creative Commerce and O.U.O - of unknown origin.

Now Dumi RIGHT and Cadence have joined forces as "Alternate Reality" and are proud to present Legitimate Raw - a limited edition vinyl EP (only 300 hand-numbered copies), which introduces listeners to the group, while also providing several exclusive songs and remixes from their respective catalogs.

Legitimate Raw finds Cadence and Dumi RIGHT serving up insightful and incisive lyrics, coupled with richly textured beats to deliver their unique brand of artistry to the masses. The release features production work by Cadence, Saint and Lord Lamont (Khz Productions), and guest appearances by hip hop luminaries YZ, Chubb Rock and Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), as well as underground favorites C Rayz Walz, Breez Evahflowin' and Vast Aire." [words by Cadence]

To obtain a limited edition, hand-numbered copy of Legitimate Raw, please visit Bandcamp.

A1: Alternate Reality - Legitimate Raw
A2: Dumi Right - What They Want ft. C Rayz Walz, Breeze Evahflowin'
A3: Cadence - For A Reason
A4: Alternate Reality - Definition Of A Great Mind ft. YZ
B1: Alternate Reality - Get A Grip
B2: Alternate Reality - Fast Talk
B3: Dumi Right - Wake 'Em Up Remix ft. Chubb Rock, Vast Aire
B4: Cadence - No Can Do Remix ft. Prince Po

My special thanks goes out to Cadence and Dumi Right. All rights reserved by the artists and their label.

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