Freitag, 6. August 2010

Six2Six & Crooked Streetz Ent.: ft. Lord Digga

Lord Digga - Simply Sweet bw. Motivate 12"

A1: Simply Sweet (Dirty)
A2: Simply Sweet (Radio)
A3: Simply Sweet (Instrumental)
B1: Motivate (Dirty)
B2: Motivate (Radio)

Crooked Streetz Entertainment / SIX2SIX - 2002 , Limited to only 300 copies

"In 1993 DIGGA produced tracks of "Masta Ace's" first Capitol release Slaughta House. DIGGA became 1/3 of "Masta Ace's" production crew "Da Inc". DIGGA then started a production team and merged with an associate known as Witchdoctor and became "The Bluez Brothers". In 1994, DIGGA began his career as a music prodcuer for other artists like "The Notorious B.I.G." Later on that year, DIGGA released a track calles "SEX" on "South Paw Records". In 1995, DIGGA was signed to "Big Beat". In 1998 DIGGA also dropped "My Flow Is Tight" on "Game Recordings" and sold 20.000 copies worldwide.

My special thanks goes out to Digga, Six2Six and Crooked Street Entertainment. All copyrights reserved by the labels.

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