Freitag, 30. Juli 2010

No Sleep: NSR2LP-001 ft. Nick Wiz

Once again my man DL is back on da scene and presents Nick Wiz - Cellar Selections Vol. 1. Here is a part of DL's annoucement:

"Nick Wiz has been a Hip-Hop mainstay since his teenage years. Having first impacted the early 90's scene with his beat contributions to Ecko Unlimited Underground Airplay cassette series; Nick's sound was a considerable part of the early Lyricist Lounge movement. This continued into working with Lounge alum, The Cella Dwellas, as well as the likes of Rakim, Chubb Rock, Mad Skillz, Channel Live and countless others. Producing in his own studio, appropriately named The Cellar, his sound was a unique fusion of filters, horns, smacking SP-1200 drums and dense bass-lines. With round the clock recording sessions, Nick's studio was constantly flooded with both Hip-Hop's elite talent and the best of the underground scene as well. While a lot of the material produced and recorded by him found its way to full-length CD releases, countless other tracks were unreleased; only heard on underground radio shows and rare demos. This release focuses mostly on the mid-90s demos from the first 2CD, specifically the highly sought after Lyricist Lounge Underground Airplay tracks and the rare Stretch and Bobbito demos that have never been on vinyl. This release is the first of two Cellar Selections 2LPs, as the second will be released in early 2011 and will mostly feature tracks from Cellar Sounds Vol. 2" with a few leftovers from Vol. 1.


Limiited to 250 copies No Sleep follows the asking of record collectors to release the Nick Wiz CD release on vinyl. The record sold out in not time so if you're interested in Vol. 2 you better be on the look out.

My special thanks goes out to Nick, DL and No Sleep Recordings. All rights reserved by the label.

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