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Mastering Studios: Check The Run-Out Grooves

Most record collectors regularly check the run-out groove on records to see if the records is "possibliy" the original press or a current re-release respectively a bootleg. Beside a catalogue number the record shows often a "STAMP" or "SIGNATURE" etched in the dead wax / run-out.

An outrider to contribute information about run-outs of hip-hop records is "Dig-It-Out". Please check it out! Also check in here!


Frankford Wayne
is a full service mastering studio that has been in the mastering business for close to 40 years. Started by Tom Steele in Philadelphia, the engineering at Frankford Wayne soon became legendary. Working with artists like Billy Paul, The O'Jays and Kool & The Gang, Frankford Wayne helped in shaping the "Philly sound" and quickly became a household name in the music industry.

The New York City studios opened in 1973 and immediately gained world-wide recognition as one of the finest mastering facilities in the world. Despite its status and location right in New York City's Times Square, Frankford Wayne has retained a mom & pop feel that appeals to all the clients. Today, hundreds of gold and platinum records to our credit attest to our tradition of mastering excellence. [source:]

Mastering Engeneers:

Carlton S. Batts, Mastering Engineer at Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs, NYC, USA.
Run-Out Groove Sample: F/W CSB ♪♪

Rick Essig, Mastering Engineer at Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs, NYC, USA.
Run-Out Groove Sample: F/W RCE

Herb "Herbie Jr." Powers Jr.,legendary mastering and lacquer-cutting engineer who worked for years at Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs' NYC facility and was responsible for cutting a respectable share of classic Prelude and West End titles, as well as tons of disco, house, funk, and hip-hop classics over the years.Herb still does lacquer-cutting and vinyl mastering, but most of his business is now in the digital domain. He owns and operates his own mastering facility called PM Entertainment, a.k.a Powers' House of Sound, in New York City. He almost always includes shout-outs and dedications inscribed in the run-out groove "dead-wax" of his earlier vinyl work, followed by one of his numerous signatures and his trademark smiley face.
Run-Out Groove Sample: F/W Herbie Jr :0)

Greg S. Vaughn, CD Mastering and Lacquer Cutting engineer since 1990 with New York's legendary Frankford/Wayne Mastering. Opened "The Spot Mastering" studio with Vinyl / CD / Digital Release capabilities in 2009 after the close of Frankford/Wayne mastering Labs in April 2008
Run-Out Groove Sample: F/W G.S.V


Masterdisk has been in business since 1973, mastering vinyl, CDs and high-resolution digital formats for many of the world's greatest artists. Have you considered joining the recent vinyl revival? Masterdisk is one of only a few companies worldwide that has been continuously making masters for vinyl. We have more experience cutting masters than nearly any other facility. Before digital, vinyl record mastering was Masterdisk's sole business, and we were at the top of the heap. Producers would fly to New York from England on the Concord Jet just to have their records mastered at Masterdisk. We are very proud of that heritage and master vinyl records with great attention to detail. [source:]

Mastering Engeneers:

Tony Dawsey, Mastering Engineer Masterdisk Mastering Labs, NYC, USA.
Run-Out Groove Sample: MASTERDISK TD


Specialty Records Corporation was founded in 1946. Warner Bros. Records took over in 1978, but kept the Specialty name up until 1996, when they changed it to WEA Mfg. Vinyl production was discontinued January 01 2002, to clear floorspace for their rising DVD production.

Specialty pressed some singles and promos in the early nineties. They etched a stamped SRC logo into the lacquers they received. It does not appear that they had an in-house mastering studio, lots of releases they pressed were cut by MASTERDISK. [source]


Welcome to Capitol Studios & Mastering - the historic recording studio housed at the famous Capitol Records building in Los Angeles. They are the home of great recordings from iconic artists such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, The Beach Boys, and Green Day. In addition, they are host to some of the most exciting up-and-coming musical talent of today. From live sessions to webcasts, string dates to mixing, film shoots to videos, mastering to vinyl, the expert staff can bring the quality that Capitol is famous for to every aspect of your project.

Mastering Engeneer:

Wallace "Wally" Traugott, mastering and lacquer-cutting engineer for Capitol Records' Capitol Mastering subsidiary. "Wally" is always credited in the runout grooves of the record, with MASTERED BY CAPITOL stamped in, and the "Wally" signature etched alongside.


By the 1950s, Dick Charles had opened a recording studio on Seventh Avenue in New York City, a block away from Broadway. It was here that a good number of demos of up and coming stars were cut before the stars were signed by the big record labels. Here, both Dick Charles (Richard Krieg and Richard Waldspurger) worked with many famous musicians. By the 1980s, Dick Charles (Richard Waldspurger) was running the company, now titled Dick Charles Mastering, and was considered to be one of the best in the record industry at his work.


The New York facility was purchased from Jerry Ragovoy by Edward Germano on March 6, 1975. It was officially closed for business April 1, 2005. The main studio facility at 421 West 54th Street was a mega-complex, occupying most of a 100,000+ square foot building. Five dedicated floors (including basement) housed five recording studios, private lounges for each studio, a mastering business Hit Factory Mastering with several suites, numerous production rooms, a full in-house rental company The Rental Company, as well as operations - large offices, tech shop, tape library and storage areas. [source]

Mastering Engeneer:

Chris Gehringer, veteran mastering and lacquer-cutting engineer. Frequently initials his work in the dead-wax runout grooves with lowercase "cg" followed by a small peace symbol "☮". Starting his carreer as a co-engeneer at TRUTONE, these days a senior audio and mastering engineer working at New York's STERLING Sound.
Run-Out Groove Sample: HFM cg ☮


Europadisk was a mastering company in Long Island, NYC using Direct Metal Mastering. The USA lost its last DMM cutting facility in 2005 with the demise of New York City based record manufacturer Europadisk LLC.


Trutone Records was founded as a part-time business in 1972 by Adrianna and Carl Rowatti. The company operated from a 10' X 10' basement room of Carl's childhood home in North Bergen, New Jersey. The services offered were cutting masters for vinyl records, on-location recording for local schools and churches, as well as custom record pressing...tbc [source]

Mastering Engeneer:

Carl Rowatti, owner and Chief Mastering Engineer of Trutone Mastering Labs, can really play the lathe!


Masterpiece Mastering

Mastering Engeneer:

Walter Coelho, Mastering engineer at Masterpiece Mastering, London.


Sterling Sound is a mastering studio in New York. WEB ; Myspace


Located in midtown Manhattan, the Master Cutting Room has provided quality professional mastering for 15 years.


Founded in 1957 starting with vinyl mastering in Averton, France. [source]


Warner Music Manufacturing Europe, Alsdorf

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