Freitag, 30. Juli 2010

Diggers With Gratitude: DWG-009 ft. Tragedy

Surprise, Surprise. Shortly after DWG announced their latest 7" release here is the next heavy hitter!!!

QB primary rock Tragedy aka The Intelligent Hoodlum releases the "Black Rage Demos" on Diggers With Gratitude. Three previously unreleased tracks from Tragedy's 25 To Live imprint. Check out the words of DWG head RareDave:

"Many of you will have heard the original versions of "Death Row" and "At Large" - well, the opportunity arose for us to get involved in a 25 To Life approved pressing of these tracks, plus the previously unheard demo of "Pump The Funk". These original versions were due to appear on Trag's unreleased/controversial 2nd album "Black Rage" (1992), but A&M Records got cold balls and decided to change the title to "Saga Of A Hoodlum"(1993) change the tracklist and remix some of the tracks (we have put the 3 previously available album 'remixes' on the flip). The "Black Rage Demos" are sought after (previously only available as crusty dubs from Westwood's Capital Rap Show) and production wise are closer to Trag's earlier work, the depressing original mix of "Death Row" is genius and the venomous production of the original "At Large" is nothing short of amazing - Trag holds no bars. The original "Pump The Funk" (this was originally named "Shit For Your System") is totally different to the final version with a stripped back beat for the jeeps."

The EP is limited to 250 copies while the first 75 orders get a marbled red vinyl and a sleeve signed by Tragedy himself.

A1: Death Row OG Version
A2: At Large OG Version
A3: Pump The Funk OG Version

B1: Death Row Album Version
B2: At Large Album Version
B3: Pump The Funk Album Version

The best review you'll find HERE - PROPZ 2 WERNER!!!

My special thanks goes out to RD and the DWG crew. All rights reserved by DWG and 25 To Life.

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