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Freestyle: FP-7782 / FP-7783: Showbiz Presents: Big L / Silky Black

Freestyle Records with another D.I.T.C. affiliated EP. After the 2LP of lost Showbiz & A.G. tracks here you'll get a double pack ft. the lyrical legend Big L (R.I.P.) and Silky Black.

This is what Ed Catto annouces to the people:

Big L - Gorilla In A Phonebooth, Original Demo Recordings, 1991-1992:

These recordings are from the original sessions of late 1991 and early 1992 which produced an album’s worth of material and a deal with Sony/Columbia. These sessions materialized after L, then working with his DJ, D-Wiz, approached a car containing Showbiz and Lord Finesse on the streets of Harlem in early 1991. Big L so impressed Showbiz with his flow that Show arranged to have him come to Jazzy Jay’s legendary studio in the Bronx and record with him. According to Show, these two recordings were made just after his introduction to Big L in Harlem in 1991 -- the very first time L was ever in a studio.

A1: No Endz, No Skinz (OG Mix), 1991
A2: No Endz, No Skinz (OG Instrumental)

Completely different track from Showbiz with heavy bassline, fat horn section and chimes later used by DJ Premier for the remix of Crooklyn. Dirty version with lots of X-rated language omitted from the clean version later released. First and second verses are similar but rawer with a flawless flow from L that makes the released version sound jumpy by comparison, while the third verse is longer than the truncated verse L recorded on the released version. Note that he shouts out “D” (DJ D-Wiz) at the end of the this verse rather than Showbiz as on the released version.

B2: Let 'Em Have It "L" (OG Version), 1991
B2: Let 'Em Have It "L" (OG Instrumental)

(Completely different track again. Smoother than the version later released, which was not produced by Showbiz. Different approach to chorus. Many different lyrics, some of which L later used in freestyles [e.g. his debut on Stretch & Bobbito in 1992])

Silky Black - Forest Houses Pedigree, D.I.T.C. Unheard, 1992-1993:

Recorded at Jazzy Jay Studios, Bronx, NY Silky Black is one of the best-kept secrets of the D.I.T.C. crew. A cousin of Show’s that grew up in Forest Houses, Silky continued to record throughout the 90’s. These are the first recordings made of Silky Black in 1992 and 1993 at Jazzy Jay’s studio in the Bronx, before he recorded the previously-released Step Up & Get Some (1994, produced by Show) and My Style (1994, produced by Show).From these demo recordings we can see that Silky had great mic presence – confident with a strong voice, solid delivery and, when he chose, the ability to rap candidly about subjects in a heartfelt manner. Also, we learn that both Show and Finesse rightly thought enough of Silky to give him some absolutely scorching beats. It is exciting for us at Freestyle Records to be able to release these gems from an MC who deserves to finally be heard at his best.

C1: Turn It Up

C2: Blow Up
C3: 163rd
D1: Turn It Up (Instrumental)
D2: Blow Up (Instrumental)
D3: 163rd (Instrumental)

This project is pressed as a 2x12”, includes all five instrumentals and is limited to a one-time pressing of 400 hand-numbered copies."

Please click the Sound Samples and check out Freestyle Professors for order details.

My special thanks goes out to Ed Catto and Freestyle Records. All copyrights by the label.

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