Samstag, 12. Juni 2010

Bootleg: Amaman Remix ft. Large Professor

Maybe some of you wonder why I am posting a white label bootleg on my limited records blogspot. When I first contacted EMelVi I didn't know that he got bootlegged in Japan. EMelVi is an independent producer from Spain. His remixes are available for free so bootleggin' it without involving the original producer was not the best clue IMO.

It's time to give respect to the person that really deserves it. EMelVi!

A1: Amaman (EMelVi Remix)
A2: Amaman (Acappella)
B1: Amaman (Original)
B2: Amaman (Original Instrumental)

My only thank you goes to EMelVi himself for this dope independent remix. I don't favor bootleggin!! If the bootlegger reads my post: You should give some copies to EMelVi to show your repect for his work! mytee DJ thor


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