Freitag, 21. Mai 2010

Solid Ground: 100X58-2010STLP ft. Poison Ladd & Beats In General

"Life Is Like A Nike Commercial, Just Do It". Philadelphia, 100x connection, 19 year after Poison Ladd and Beats in General released their EP "Another 1-4-u-2-n-v" on "Oat Town Records" they decided to re-release the EP including further previous songs from '87 and '94. Limited to 100 copies in a cool picture cover.

A1: Life Is Like A Nike Commercial (Just Do It)
A2: You Gotdamm Right
A3: Cheeba Cheeba
A4: Watermelon Man
A5: I Am Chaka
B1: Juanita
B2: Rock The 8
B3: Rockwell Live Freestyle (1985)
B4: Frank White
B5: Stand Up

My special thanks goes out to Poison Ladd and Beats In General. All copyrights by Solid Ground Records.

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