Samstag, 22. Mai 2010

Six2Six: Problem Child ft. Constant Deviants

In 1996 DJ Cutt and M.I.C. released "Competition Catch Speed Knots" on Vestry Records. Around 1998 the singles "Can't Stop bw. Fed Up" and "8th Wonder bw. Hustler's Prayer" followed on Brooklyn Pipeline / Buds Distributen.

The second release on Six 2 Six features a nice single release of Constant Deviants and is limited to 500 copies.

A1: Problem Child (Vocal)
A2: Problem Child (Instrumental)
A3: Problem Child (Remix)
B1: Feel That (Vocal)
B2: Feel That (Instrumental)

Check out the sound files at bandcamp of Constant Deviants.

My special thanks goes out to Constant Deviants and Global Platoon. All copyrights by Six 2 Six.

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