Freitag, 21. Mai 2010

Freestyle: FP-7787 ft. Freestyle Professors

In October 2009 Freestyle Records released the long avaited Freestyle Professors album "Gryme Tyme". For collectors Freestlye Records offered a special bundle including 2 x Gryme Tyme 2LP, 1 x Gryme Tyme CD and a limited 7inch as a bonus. The 7inch is limited to 200 copies.

A: Don't Make Me Angry
B: New York Swagger (Remix)

Please check out the fabolous "Gryme Tyme LP" also featuring "Those Was The Days Remix" produced by my man 12 Finger Dan for Soulbrotha Records. The Original Version was featured on Soulbrotha - Collectors Album.

My special thanks goes out to the Freestyle Professors, Ed Catto and Freestyle Records. All copyrights by

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