Freitag, 21. Mai 2010

Freestyle: FP-7779 ft. Geo & Ricochet

Straight out of the Freestyle Professors camp "Geo & Ricochet" released the "A Lil Sum 'Em Sum 'Em EP". The EP features both tracks from their '94 release plus 6 unreleased songs. Nice sticker cover limited to 500 un-numbered copies.

A1: Da Boogie Man From Da Boogie Down
A2: Other MC's (Pelon Is On The Set)
A3: Don't Sleep
A4: This Is How It's Done
B1: Steppin' On Roaches
B2: A Lil' Sum 'Em Sum 'Em
B3: Check It Out (Pelon Party)
B4: Corporate America (New Bonus Track)

My special thanks goes out to the Geo & Ricochet, Ed Catto and Freestyle Records. All copyrights by

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