Montag, 10. Mai 2010

Diggers With Gratitude: DWG-006/DWG-007 ft. T.D.S. Mob

In the year 1988 the Crew T.D.S. Mob straight out of Boston released their debut single 12-inch "Dope for the folks bw. Crushin' Em on Race Records. In 1989 DJ Dev, Michael K and Kool Gee followed up with their second release "What's This World Coming To bw. Scratch Reaction". Both releases become random rap classics while their debut 12 changed their owners for hundreds of dollars.

In 2010 Diggers With Gratitude releaed an amazing bundle including unreleased tracks on "The Dope Committee E.P." and remastered songs from the first two T.D.S. releases "The Boston Classics E.P.". A CD/DVD package made the whole project complete.

The Dope Committee E.P. features previously unreleased tracks. As a special bonus the first 75 copies came in burgundy coloured vinyl signed by the T.D.S. members. All records came in a sticker cover plus a press sheet sharing some information about DWG-006 and photos.

A1: Head Of The Dope Committee (Vocal)
A2: The Rhyme You're About To Hear Is True (Vocal)
B3: Bounce (Vocal)
B1: Head Of The Dope Committee (Instrumental)
B2: The Rhyme You're About To Hear Is True (Instrumental)
B3: Bounce (Instrumental)

The Boston Classics E.P. featuring all tracks from both late 80s releases. As a special bonus the first 75 copies came on white coloured vinyl. The release has a very cool picture cover.

A1: Dope For The Folks (W/ Live Intro)
A2: What's This World Coming To
A3: Dope For The Folks (Acapella)
B1: Crushin Em (W/ Live Intro)
B2: T.D.S. Scratch Reaction
B3: Crushin Em (Acapella)

My special thanks goes out to Chr!s, RareDave, DJ Shaker and the T.D.S. Mob. All copyrights by and Race Records

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