Montag, 10. Mai 2010

Diggers With Gratitude: DWG-004 ft. Juice Crew Allstars

In collaboration with Marley Marl's Hot Chillin Label Diggers With Gratitude released a limited bundle of 350 records named "The Juice Crew E.P."

A1: Kool G Rap & D.J. Polo - I Declare War
A2: Super Kids - Stunt Of The Block
B1: Big Daddy Kane - For Your Own Concern
B2: Kool G Rap & D.J. Polo - Enter The Dragon
B3: Craig G - Drop A Bomb On 'Em

As a special bonus the EPs are available in 4 different record coloures (75 copies each in red, blue and white / 125 copies in black). All records come in a sticker cover plus a press sheet sharing some information about DWG-004.

My special thanks goes out to Chr!s, RareDave, SSLR, DJ Shaker and Hot Chillin. All copyrights by

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