Samstag, 22. Mai 2010

Comin' Tru: CTR-001 ft. Tru Comers

Producer combo from Switzerland dropped their "Remix EP" that is limited to 300 copies.

A1: Alps Cru - No Question (Tru Comers Remix)
A2: Freestyle Professors - Corporate America (Tru Comers Remix)
A3: Dysfunkshunal Familee - Work It Out (Tru Comers Remix)
A4: Tru Comers - Gravity (Bonus Beat)
B1: Alps Cru* - No Question (Instrumental)
B2: Freestyle Professors - Corporate America (Instrumental)
B3: Dysfunkshunal Familee - Work It Out (Instrumental)
B4: Tru Comers - Eternity (Bonus Beat)

My special thanks goes out to Tru Comers. All copyrights by Comin' Tru.

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