Invisible Spies: ft. Kid Acne & Mongrels

Kid Acne, born and raised in Malawi, located in Sheffield UK, is an artist, illustrator, print-maker and MC. Having first picked up a spray can at the age of 12, his formative years were spent painting graffiti, making fanzines, screen-printing and producing DIY punk/ hip-hop records. His signature style has now been commissioned by some of the world’s leading brands, from fashion houses in Paris to toy manufacturers in New York. 

On the label Invisible Spies, Kid Acne has released a series of singles and EPs collaborating with Mongrels and others. This blogpost is about introducing you to the discography of  Invisible Spies, Kid Acne and his companions. Recently Mongrels collaborated with Burgundy Blood to release a limited cassette tape. Here is a small selection of releases ...

INV005: Mongrels ‎– Fresh Arrangements 7"
INV006: Kid Acne ‎– Regarde Kid Acne 7"
INV008: Kid Acne - Rap Traffic LP
INV021: Burgundy Blood meets Mongrels - In The Pop Wilderness Cass.
none: Mongrels - Slingshots 7"


My special thanks goes to Invisible Spies, Kid Acne and the Mongrels. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.