Central Wax: ft. Keith Science & Uncut Raw

Central Wax Records is a New Jersey-based underground hip-hop record label dedicated to the experimental productions of Keith Science & DJ Uncut Raw.

The vinyl discography of Keith Science started with the release of Manchild's "Got Away With Some Bullsh!t" 12inch that dropped on Trilunar Records in 1997. The original 12" was limited to 100 copies and is not easy to find. The good news is that both songs got remastered and re-released on Central Wax.

Since 2012 Central Wax dropped about 8 releases on different formats. Let's look a bit deeper into some of the vinyl records:

First of all the EP "Straight From NJ" from Swift Wizdom (CWX003, 2015). Originally released as CDr on Trilunar in 2001, Central Wax pressed a limited edition 12" vinyl plus bonus track. In total only 218 copies pressed.

The producer EP "Primary Key: Chapter 1" (CWX004, 2015) is a 4 tracks strong 12" featuring guest vocals by C-Red, Rampage, Krumb Snatcha, Kool Keith and Pace Won and includes all instrumental versions on the flip side. In total only 220 copies pressed.

Beside a few instrumental only LPs Central Wax also released a 7" by Kid Sean featuring the songs "Electron" b/w "Marbles" (CWX005, 2015). The 45RPM is limited to 560 copies. 

Last but not least the re-release of Manchild's 12" (CWX008, 2016). The re-press is limited to 560 copies and should guarantee you that this great piece of wax is from now on part of your collection. "Got Away With Some Bullsh!t" b/w "For Nobody" ft. Swift Wizdom in vocal and instrumental version each.  

Visit: www.keithscience.com and listen here

My special thanks goes to Keith Science and Central Wax Records as well as all featured artists. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.