Back2DaSource: 122-000B2DS ft. Laster

With support of people like producer Madsol Desar, Back2DaSource made connexion with Knightz Of Music who worked with Bostons finest like Dialek, Madsol, Edo G, Laster, Paw Dukes.

Back in the days, both Madsol and Dialek put in work with Laster and dropped some classic singles. Indeed you surely knew about tracks such as Misery, Searching For Meaning or Off Balance.

Laster now finally releases his 90s unreleased album called "Liberal Art" still rhyming over soulful, jazzy & melodic samples. This album has a lot of incredible and different kind of productions all on point boom bap  hip-hop.

A: One on One
A: Hardknocks
A: Clueless
A: Elbow Room
A: Twisted Logic

B: Open House
B: Gone With The Wind
B: Backstabbers
B: Flattery
B: Step Up Front

Produced by Dialek, Madsol Desar and Laster


My special thanks goes to Laster and Bee at Back2DaSource Records. Shout out To Dialek and Madsol. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.