Donnerstag, 15. Juni 2017

Chem: ft. Big Block Silvers

From Oceanside, California MC Blame One hooks up with the production of Harry Apollo and live instrumentation of JonJ to create a raw hip hop EP under the group name Big Block Silvers.

Celebrating a true 90's sound the combo gets mastering support by Thes One from P.U.T.S. for Piecelock 70.

The Bold EP is a limited edition of 150 copies on transparent blue vinyl housed in full color picture sleeve. Copies on bandcamp already sold out, however one link I have for the true blog followers below.

A: Jack Sparrow
A: Understanding
A: Intermediaries
B: Crime In the City
B: Run the Show
B: Foreverrrr 

Order: or check your trusted record store

My special thanks goes to Blame One and Big Block Silvers. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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