Freitag, 29. Juli 2016

Don't Bite: DBRLTDEDLP008 ft. Phantom & 0026

Heads up for all fans of Tom Dice and his label Don't Bite Records. In preparation and available in a few months from now will be "Make A Move On 'Em" by 0026 and Phamton from Dynametrix.

The duo released an album and two singles in the early 90s on Kold Sweat. With the new LP they'll continue bringing the real shit. 

This blogpost will be updated as soon as the release gets available ... BRB.

Additional info: available now!!!

A: Don’t Stop The Boogie
A: Endangered Species 
A: Break Beat Formula 
A: Terminal Illness 
A: Return Of The Cipher Android (X Chrome) 

B: The Apocalypse 
B: Make A Move On ‘Em 
B: Supernova High Powered Rhyme ft. Tom Dice
B: Return Of The Cipher Android (Y Chrome) 

Credits Produced by Tom Dice 
Engineered by Gerry O’Grady 
Mastered by Cavey I.C.D

My special thanks goes to Tom Dice, Phantom and Don't Bite Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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