Freitag, 4. September 2015

Self-Released: ft. DJ Born

Legendary DJ Born self-releases two amazing vinyl EPs with crazy stuff from his archive. The two EPs are very limited and are supposed to become two more rarities underground should not miss.

Well known are his beat productions for groups like Numskullz or his contribution on Creative Brothers releases like the rare Legendary Villain 12".

The first new EP is simply named "DJ Born Presents ..." and is 7 track EP originally released in 2010.   This vinyl release is limited to 85 autographed copies with yellow label design and track list in hand-written design.

A: 2 Sides - What The World (Original Version)
A: 2 Sides - What The World (Clean Version)
A: 2 Sides - What The World (Beat)
B: On The Move (Beat)
B: 2-10 (Beat)
B: Lady & Her Horn (Beat)
B: Serious Business (Beat)


The second EP "EP #5" features 6 tracks (5 vocal, 1instrumental) and is limited to 100 clear vinyl copies plus additional black vinyl copies. Heads can choose if cover should be signed or shrink wrapped if they buy straight from DJ Born's bigcartel shop "simple & basic".

A: SS Pacino - Bringin' It Back
A: SS Pacino & Mr. Bateman - From GKV To Grafton Ave.
A: Allout - Dig Deep
B: 2 Sides & Allout - Black Angels ( voices of the ghetto)
B: SS Pacino - Spray Dat
B: Beat # 12


My special thanks goes to DJ Born and all artists involved. Also thanks to Mac Dough for making me aware of DJ Born's store. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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