Donnerstag, 6. September 2012

Nobody Buys: NBR-12-002 ft. AG & Rise

DJ Snafu and The Bankrupt Europeans with a new 12" vinyl release on Nobody Buys Records.

The labels are designed in the well known Wild Pitch style showing the pink or the  green triangles. The sticker reminds to the "Times Up!" single by O.C. from 94".

The record with the pink label is limited to 99 copies and is available as a teaser to the main release with green label design. The 12" features two tracks from the forthcoming album "The Cornerstone" cat # NBRLP-001.

Side A featuring A.G.
A: The 21st Day (2004)
A: The 21st Day (2012)
A: The 21st Day Instrumental (2004)
A: The 21st Day Instrumental (2012)

Side B featuring Rise
B: Call Me Rise
B: Vanity
B: Call Me Rise Instrumental
B: Vanity Instrumental

Produced by Bankrupt Europeans, Cuts by Jazz T

Pre-Order now.

My special thanks goes out to DJ Snafu and Bankrupt Europeans. All copyrighs reserved, posted for promotion use only.

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