Sonntag, 8. Juli 2012

Tru-Tone: TTR004 ft. Whirlwind D

Whirlwind D got infected by hip-hop in the early 80s and formed the legendary UK crew Solid N Mind in 1990 together with Johnny F. He was also a part of the Liberty Grooves label and shop. As a radio DJ and writer for Record Collector Magazine he's back with some new music.

20 years after "Battle Tipped Rhyme" MC Whirlwind D and DJ Waxer (Discoscratch) present "The WD-40 EP". Whirlwind D and Waxer have teamed up to create this EP as they both approach their 40th. The track "Strong" is earlier Solid N Mind material, while 32 & Tea and Hunter are more reflective, looking at life's ups and downs. 

Release date: 28th of May 2012
Rap: Whirlwind D
Beats: Waxer
Cuts: Theory 77
Art Direction & Design: Mr Krum

Limited pressing of 300 12" vinyl copies in full picture cover.

A: 32 & Tea (Vocal)
A: Hunter (Vocal)
A: Strong (Instrumental)
B: Strong (Vocal)
B: 32 & Tea (Instrumental)
B: Hunter (Instrumental)

Whirlwind D and Stitch By Stitch will raffle a copy of this 12" EP soon. For the moment all you need to do is to follow the blogspot, the lottery will be announced real soon :) My special thanks goes out to the WD-40s, Mr Krum and Tru-Tone Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.


  1. looks like you found the correct post !!! great... please leave your comment (information) and join the contest, all the best to be the one lucky winner :)

    a special thank you to Whirlwind D for sponsoring the contest !!! u da man

  2. -- where are you from: Hamburg
    -- how often do you check SBS: Several times a day
    -- rate the blog 1 (bad) to 5 (best: 4,5
    -- what you like on the blog: The blog and all the visitors keep real hip hop and vinyl alive
    -- what you don't like on the blog: Design

  3. -- where are you from = Baden-Baden
    -- how often do you check SBS = everyday
    -- rate the blog from 1 (bad)to5(best) = 5 +
    -- what you like on the blog = the blog keep all good new releases togehter on one page
    -- what you dont like on the blog = all good.

  4. -- where are you from: Munich, Germany
    -- how often do you check SBS: At least once a Day
    -- rate the blog from 1 (bad) to 5 (best): 4
    -- what you like on the blog: The Records and the People how sill care abut good Music on wax
    -- what you dont like on the blog: The Design could be Better

  5. -- where are you from: Matawan, New Jersey, US (og Jersey City)
    -- how often do you check SBS: sometimes a few times a day, sometimes i don't check for a few days but i check the FB page every day.
    -- rate the blog from 1 (bad) to 5 (best):4
    -- what you like on the blog: the fact that i can count on the blog and FB page to keep me up on the latest limited records before they sell out! And I know i won't miss anything if I stay checking here.
    -- what you dont like on the blog: I would just give less or no promotion to labels who concentrate more on the gimmicky novelties of vinyl.

  6. -- from Boondocks, Germany
    -- I check in ~2-3 times a week
    -- solid 4 [gotta be some room left for improvement, right? ;)]
    -- I really dig that you put in extra hours to keep folks informed about new/upcoming releases (sometimes even before there's official announcements from the label!)
    -- not really feeling the new color scheme; at times my browser freezes up loading the page due to multitude of embedded players; sometimes I wonder if there's too much emphasis on the (limited) quantities of records rather than the quality these days (not that that's your fault...)


  7. dochiphop reppin' texas, usa
    i check your blog daily as I love what you do here so i would rate it a 5!I love all the updates with new dope vinyl coming out. I also like the fact that you post stuff from record labels from all of the world. The one thing i wish you would do more of (ie every post) is add a link to the website where the vinyl can be purchased.

  8. -- where are you from - Australia but live in Germany.
    -- how often do you check SBS - 4 or 5x a week.
    -- rate the blog 1 (bad) to 5 (best)- 4
    -- what you like on the blog - very informative, easy to use layout, great music, one stop blog that covers it all.
    -- what you don't like on the blog - brown background colour ;)
    4. Don't forget to leave your name / aka --> no anonymous!!! - Udon

  9. -- where are you from - Sheffield UK
    -- how often do you check SBS - 2 or 3 times a week
    -- rate the blog 1 (bad) to 5 (best)- 5
    -- what you like on the blog - the new stuff I probably wouldn't hear about unless I checked here.
    -- what you don't like on the blog - nothing really, all good to me.

  10. im from ontario canada
    i check the site every day and if i miss every second day
    the blog is a def 5
    i love the right to the point layout, no fucking around just what i need
    i dont like the brown color either

  11. Hey goog lookin' out man, I produced the EP! Respect, Waxer.

  12. FINALLY: I put all your names in a box and my girlfriend picked the following SBS FOLLOWER !!!

    Congratulations to: --- Udon --- u are the lucky one.

    Please confirm your address and the Whirlwind D comes to your door real soon.

    Lets thank Whirlwind D again for sponsoring this great record !!!


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