Montag, 18. Juni 2012

Slice Of Spice: SSR-FLEX9 ft. Lord Finesse

How to make an indie record label very famous - Lesson 1: The Slice Of Spice Records discography started with an independent record dedicated to the daughter of the label owner. The clue; the record was not available for sale so it's still a sought after piece of vinyl.

After that the label collaborated with famous producers and MC's like Paul Nice, K-Def, Lord Finesse or Masta Ace. The clue; every record release offered special gift options by supporting a series of releases as well as some elusive test pressings.

Now Slice Of Spice brings the self-promotion to the next level and collaborates with the world famous magazine "WaxPoetics". The # 22 of the Japanese issue will include a white Flexi-Disc ft. an exclusive remix version of "Check The Method" by Lord Finesse. 

Take it easy! Every copy of the magazine will have the disc included so place your order if it's available, have a good read and listen to the remix the same moment :)

A: Check The Method Remix

My respec' and special thanks goes out to Richard at Slice Of Spice. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

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