Freitag, 23. Juli 2010

Clientele: Ill Vs. ft. L.

Throw ya "L" up in the air if you know what time it is!!! The first vinyl release from L. Fly came in 1996 and it became a collectors item. Obviously due to the damand the debut 12 and his second release got repressed in Japan a few years ago.

Here is a small discography of L.

SSR-0001 - Check The Flow / Relax Your Mind (1996)
SSR-0002 - How We Do / Blue Lights & Blunts (1997)
CLI-1200 - To The Hotel / Players Freestyle (1998)
CL-250 - The Rock Joint / Like What (1999)
CR-001 - Creep Wit´U / City Slick Flow (?)
CR-002 - How You Do That / You Love Me (2002)
CR-003 - May I...? (2003)
HHR12-003 - Ill VS. / You Love Me / Street Superstarb (2010)

Seven years later L. returs with a Japan only release and a limited quantity of 300 copies. If you want to know more about that guy visit his myspace page.

A1: Ill VS. (Clean Version) LISTEN*
A2: Ill VS. (Instrumental)
B1: You Love Me (Album Version) LISTEN*
B2: You Love Me (Instrumental)
B3: Street Superstar (Album Version) LISTEN*

My special thanks goes out to L. All copyrights by Clientele Records and Hi-Hat Records.

*here Snippets with RealPlayer

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