Samstag, 22. Mai 2010

Pro Town: PTR-001 ft. Various Artists

Pro Town Records with his debut release limited to 300 copies. Custom sleeves available by Swerve.

A1: Cevtwo, Romen Rok - Welcome To Providence
A2: J Strest, Swerve One, Roe Diggs, Cevtwo, Al Bums - Five Deep
A3: Romen Rok - Crash Test
A4: J Strest, Info Mite - Him Go
A5: Swerve One , Al Bums - 50 Ways
A6: Romen Rok , Info Mite - AM To PM Remix
B1: Swerve One , Al Bums - Doin Dirt
B2: Romen Rok , Info Mite - Fe Fi Fo Fum
B3: J Strest , Info Mite - Rhode Island Hospital
B4: Swerve One , Al Bums - Ice Puppies
B5: J Strest , Minister Ref - Money Upfront
B6: ChaChi Carvalho, Jahpan, Romen Rok - Love Is Blue

My special thanks goes out to Swerve. All copyrights by Pro Town Records.

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