Mittwoch, 19. Mai 2010

White Label Promo: BTV01 ft. Baritone Tiplove

In 1991 Baritone Tiplove aka Phill Most Chill released the album "Livin' Foul" on Easy Street Records / True Urban Recordings on Cassette only. In 2007 "Livin' Foul" was unofficially re-released on Double-LP in a stickered white cover. Rumours say only 100-150 copies were made; some of them with a custom made cover by Phill Most Chill himself.

Please check out Discogs for full track list of Cat-No: BTV01

The album features the tracks "Young Ladees Drive Me Crazy" and "All Hell Iz Breakin' Loose" which are also available on a very nice picture cover release (1991) beside two further non-album tracks.

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